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Infographic on Africa's Power Crisis

Monday, 26 October 2015 14:50

Africa, Disconnected...

Affordable and reliable electricity underpins every aspect of social and economic life. But Sub-Saharan Africa has an energy crisis that demands urgent political attention. Two in every three Africans, around 621 million in total, have no access to electricity at all.

The consequences of energy deficits have yet to register with sufficient force on the policy agendas of Africa governments. The same is true of the wider international community.

Without universal access to energy services of adequate quality and quantity, countries cannot sustain dynamic growth, build more inclusive societies and accelerate progress towards eradicating poverty. When health systems are unable to provide preventive and curative services, people who are already vulnerable face heightened risks.

And when shortages of electricity hamper schooling, children lose a chance to escape poverty and build secure livelihoods.

The infographic below highlights some key areas affecting Sub Saharan African's in relation to power. It's only when Africa solves its energy dilemma through solid policies and governance, that we as Africans can achieve our potential.


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